Moritz Lamp

Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona





Design & Production



Lucía Herrero

Concept design

Chu Uroz & Oxido

Restaurant Interior design

Chu Uroz, External Reference Arquitects

Project Vídeo

The Moritz Lamp is a table light designed and produced specially for the Restaurant Louis 1856, the brasserie of the Fábrica Moritz Barcelona, whose rehabilitation project has been developed by Jean Nouvel.

Inspired by the mine lamps, and using the characteristic Moritz beer bottle as lampshade, the Moritz Lamp is an unplugged and rechargeable lamp that illuminate as well good moments as gastronomic creations.

Amber tones predominate in this Jean Nouvel’s project so the challenge was to find a tailored fit light to the creations of Jordi Vilà, the Michelin Star chef behind the gastronomic project. His specifications, and a team with the concept designer Chu Uroz have been the key to develop the optimal temperature light and its direction.

The result allow to have a focused and warm light that illuminates both around and the space underneath it.

Thought by hand, the Moritz Lamp has been designed step by step with the different protagonists and is handcrafted in Barcelona given careful consideration to each numbered piece.

The structure is made of laser cut steel and there are two different finishing models for the different spaces, electrolytic copper for the wine zone and chrome plated for the restaurant.

An exoskeleton for a beer, a light to eat. Artisans working together, luxury.

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